About Vincent

Educational Writer, Piano/Guitar Teacher & Composer

Aside from holding several diplomas in studio/classroom teaching and music performance, Vincent is a former concert pianist who toured nationally and internationally between 1988 and 2001 with a versatile repertoire consisting of Chopin, Mozart, Brahms, Bach, Beethoven & Debussy.

He has also performed a jazz & contemporary repertoire including many of the big names such as Elton John, Billy Joel, Richard Clayderman, George Gershwin, Irving Berlin, Duke Ellington, Scott Joplin & Keith Jarrett.

Vincent has also performed his own original cultural compositions on his tour & in 1994 graduated as a secondary school music teacher where he taught around many private schools (primary & secondary) both in Melbourne and interstate.

In 2007, Vincent released a series of 15 piano & keyboard publications for classical and modern piano/keyboard. This series of books teaches all the basic and advanced requirements to mastering the classical and contemporary styles of piano and keyboard.

These series of books help teach several styles of piano including jazz, modern, rock, ballads, classical and many cultural styles including Indian, Persian, Mediterranean (Greek, Italian, Spanish), Middle Eastern and many, many more.

All these publications are available to all National Music School students. For further information, please see publications.

Guitar - Electric Lead & Rhythm | Acoustic/Classical/Spanish Flamenco

With 25 years teaching experience, Vincent has taught all levels of guitar including beginners to advanced. He is a lead, rhythm, classical & Spanish flamenco guitarist and teaches contemporary, electric, acoustic and classical guitar including lead, rhythm & rock styles.

Examinations in modern or classical guitar are also available. Please see examination section.

Students are taught the fundamentals of music  including reading and writing music as well as tablature (TAB) recognition.

After teaching for many years (in several primary and secondary schools across Melbourne and interstate), Vincent drew on his experiences as an educator and in 2007 released a series of 13 books for the guitar designed to help the novice as well as the advanced guitar student.

This series of books help teach several styles of guitar including lead, rhythm, electric, acoustic, classical, Spanish & rock n' roll. All music publications are available to any potential and/or existing National Music School students. For more information, please see publications.


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