Bass Guitar

As our logo has demonstrated for more than 25 years, we teach in what we call a five star teaching system. This is an award winning method known as the "The Essential Bass Guitar" which prepares the student with many essential techniques such as playing Scales, Exercises and Riffs including the opportunity to learn how to read music and tablature. 

Reading music allows the student to play a piece of music instantly and without the long process of having to listen to it several times beforehand (as many guitarists who play by ear and can't read music have to do). 

Reading music will also improve your playing capabilities as well as invoke the ability known as "multi tasking" which improves co-ordination of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Reading music is also strongly linked to generating higher awareness and achievements in academic subjects (both mathematics as well as language skills) since it increases the mind's capacity to analyse even to the extent of teaching the student to discriminate between two similarities. There is much documented evidence that correct music learning improves children's aptitude and academic performances by up to 30%. 

We teach all styles of bass including Rock, Dance, Ballads, Pop, Country and Latin. We also cater for the jazz student and like all other styles, we teach all this through digitally recorded CD back-up tracks (karaoke) as well as the reading of music. The reason our system is unique is because we embrace all genres and styles of music and we teach them all to our students accordingly. 

We can also cater for students who wish to learn an entirely modern or jazz repertoire. We do not discriminate between styles and we teach with the intention that our students enjoy their music as well as learn how to become versatile in playing the bass. 

We guarantee our system to be motivating, educational and fun. This system is designed for all prospective basists who wish to learn how to play through a selection of exciting, interesting and inspiring music.