Exams, Teacher Training, VCE & Year 12 Music

We offer a full range of examinations for all students who are interested in furthering their musical achievements and perhaps wishing to initiate a musical career. We also offer preparation for VCE (Year 12 music) in piano, singing, guitar & musical theory.

Exams are offered for all music subjects and all students can be prepared to sit within the first 3-4 months of musical training. Our candidates receive a report as well as a recognized certificate for their efforts.

Teacher training in piano, singing and guitar is also offered for senior students who wish to undertake music teaching within our establishment. These teachers in training will be trained on how to use the National Music School system effectively in order to prepare their own students for examinations as well as year 12 students for entry to a university programme.

More information on how to qualify for teaching our music programme is available from our office or by calling us on 03 9437 7765. 

If you have paid your invoice, returned your examination slip between 5 & 8 weeks ago and have been instructed by your teacher to sit your exam, please click here.