Theory & Songwriting

We encourage ‘Theory & Musicianship’ as well as ‘Song Writing’ whereby our students are trained to develop the necessary aural & writing skills required to reach an intermediate standard of musical arrangement composition.

Learning to read and write music is an essential requirement for many musicians who do not want to rely purely on their memory in order to play music.

Reading music allows the student to play a piece of music instantly and without the long process of having to listen to it several times beforehand as many pianists who play by ear and can't read music have to do. Reading music will also improve your playing capabilities as well as invoke the ability known as multi tasking.

Reading music is linked to generating higher achievements in academic subjects (in both mathematics as well as language skills) since it increases the mind's capacity to analyse even to the extent of teaching the student to discriminate between two similarities. There is much documented evidence that correct music learning improves children's aptitude and academic performances by up to 30%. This was the entire reason as to why the reading and writing of language was created in the first place.

We teach all genres and styles of writing and are able to assist our students in producing and recording their musical creations.