Public Speaking

Our public speaking lessons are designed for people who wish to prepare themselves for a public speaking role. Whether you wish to address a corporate audience or just to see if this is a role which you can persue professionally, we can help. Our students come from a diversity of backgrounds such as University Lecturers, Masters of Ceremonies, Church Pastors/Priests as well as group leaders including Girl Guides, Boy Scouts and several other leaders of various organisations. 
People of a non English speaking background (particularly ones who can already speak quite fluently) also seek our assistance in order to help them improve their articulation as well as pronunciation of the Australian language. This naturally helps them with day to day communication as well as improves their working roles by allowing them to communicate more effectively.
We teach a variety of text such as drama and plays as well as a host of others including musicals, libretto, role plays and radio / television voice overs.