Music Lessons

Located in Mill Park, "National Music School, where talent is discovered..." is our motto because all our staff are dedicated to bring out the best in all our students whether you want to learn for academic reasons or just for fun.

Our vocal and instrumental lessons offer training in a range of styles and techniques deriving from the classical period through to a more contemporary form such as:

  • Singing 
    Modern, R & B, Musicals, Stage & Theatre, Jazz & Classical
  • Piano
    Modern, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Pop & Classical
  • Keyboard 
    Modern, Jazz, Rock, Pop & Blues
  • Guitar 
    Electric, Rhythm, Lead, Rock, Classical & Spanish Flamenco
  • Bass Guitar 
    Rock, Dance, Ballads, Pop, Country and Latin
  • Theory 
    Classical, Modern & Jazz
  • Stage Performance
    All Genres
  • Musicianship & Song Writing 
    All Styles
  • Digital Studio Recording and Mastering 
    For all NMS students

These lessons are designed to enable vocal students in developing a series of abilities ranging from vocal production to a capella and harmonization. We also prepare students for radio, theatre & television. Public speaking lessons are also available.

Our instrumental lessons offer our music students in developing both solo and accompanimnet techiques where our qualified staff assist with all the necessary requirements for correct learning and music performance.

Our teachers are fully qualified and masters of their chosen instrument. We teach what we call a five star learning system where our students are encouraged to practise, perform and prepare for music exams.  All our lessons are strictly private where we guarantee true success to anyone who is wishing to learn and improve on their musical skills.