Singing Method

As our logo has demonstrated for over 25 years, we teach what we call a five star system known as “The essential approach”, this method embraces the art of musicality, which (as any musical artist will tell you) involves good phrasing, deep breathing, strong technique, a true understanding of style and at least some, (if not a lot of) passion. Throw all these factors into a pot, add the notes and lyrics of a chosen song, mix and than finally throw your voice into the combination and you have a blockbuster or best seller song, one which is sung with a recording artist’s edge, uniquness and quality.

These techniques have never been easier to learn than with our five star method. Many of us occasionally have the opportunity to witness several types of bands and singers of different levels, techniques and capacities, yet, when we are asked to comment on any of the bands’ performances we often choose to base our opinion on the singer and what we liked about his/her style or even their song. And should we feel that one band is not as good as the next one, rest assured, the singer will cop the blame first.

Why is it that the singer of a band plays such an important role in terms of our judgement? The answer is simple, the singer is the no. 1 “frontman” or “front person”. It is the singer who brings the band together and connects them with his/her interpretation of the song through his/her vocal prowess & capacity.

Like the brushstrokes of the impressionists Van Gough and Monet, two of the most recognized artists of all time (due to their distinctive and unusual styles), it is up to the singer to find the quality of uniqueness within his/her voice. It is this very quality which often separates and distinguishes one singer from another. Yet it is this same quality which is rare within singing voices. A quality which is often present within any potential singer’s voice yet, in most cases, the singing novice isn’t even aware of this uniqueness which is waiting to be unleashed.

The essence of “The essential approach” is organization, consistency and passion. We believe that these three factors, when combined with the following requirements will ensure success with any serious vocalist. These requirements are:

  • Expression
  • Breathing & Support
  • Pitch Control
  • Range
  • Vocal Dexterity

Our “essential approach” method is a simple process based on structure, experience, correct technique and common sense. We believe that it’s the best method to help singers with all forms of vocal problems to correct their faults and become able to sing without fear or inhibition and will undoubtedly assist with the development of true control.

The essential approach is a method which teaches the potential singer through repetition and correction thus bringing the element of recognition which is so essential in order to help the vocalist identify where and when certain areas of the voice need re-shaping or sometimes, re-structuring.

Our unique singing method is a process which has taken years to develop by a university qualified singing & music teacher who has been in the performance industry for many years. It also involves a method known as speech level singing! We have been using a similar technique for many years, even before speech level singing was introduced to Australia and we have finely tuned, perfected and developed it to suit all vocal ranges and voice types. This technique has assisted many singers in the music industry today and we refer to it as VPF (vocal placement fusion). VPF is a technique used to draw the chest register tone within the head register placement and allows the singer to shape their sound so that the vocal range can maintain a chest register quality with the immense upper vocal range of the head register placement. This process also eliminates the upper chest notes from sounding nasally, strained and brittle. A common factor found in many singers today.

It is our guarantee that within 3 short weeks, you will notice a dramatic improvement within your singing voice. This method of teaching is exclusive to National Music School and we have been using it since its conception, 1994.