Music Concerts & Performances

National Music School holds three annual performances throughout the academic year. The first of these performances is the Music and Singing Eisteddfod which usually occurs around the autumn months where both children and adults are encouraged to perform (in separate sections) and compete for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. Performance sections are held for all subjects, ie. singing, piano and guitar.

The second is known as the Annual Mid-Year Championships which is held during the winter months. Once again all students are encouraged to compete for the championship title for junior, teen and adult including singing, guitar and keyboard sections. 

The third and most distinguished of all is the Annual End of Year Presentation Concert and this occurs in late spring or early summer. The Annual Presentation Concert is designed to reward all our hard working students by offering a host of awards in acknowledgement of recently sat  examinations. Other awards include encouragement awards, scholarship awards as well as the most prestigious of all, the Pupil of the Year Award.

All our concerts and performances are designed to give our students the opportunity to develop their musical qualities and increase their entertainment potential as well as their showmanship.

Our concerts are open to all NMS students and in order to maintain our highstandard of entertainment only people with a commitment to learn and improve on their musical skills are invited to perform, this applies to beginners and seniors alike. 

In the last 15 years NMS has dramatically evolved and has hosted more than 45 concerts and music performances. It remains one of the highest achieving music schools due to its highly successful performance events, specialised teaching repertoire and for the many positive experiences had by students from all walks of life. 

"National Music School, where talent is discovered..."