Daniel Orion (7 yrs)

Electric Guitar
Rhythm Guitar
Rock Guitar

My son Daniel is and has been learning guitar with National Music School for 2 years. He had previously learned at school from a company which was brought in by the school to teach keyboard and guitar to primary children.

My wife and I were disappointed that he'd practically learned nothing in 2 years. Within 8 short weeks, Daniel was preparing for his first guitar exam and for once reading music as well as tab. He is now playing solo/lead guitar and not just a bunch of repetitive and meaningless chords. All this was done with a back up track which accompany all books.

The staff at National Music School are all wonderful and gifted musicians. The school also offers theory and song writing lessons as well as the use of their recording studio to all students for a small fee.

I have no hesitation in recommending this business for all their professionalism and support during my time with them. For verification purposes my wife and I can be contacted on paulorion@msn.com