Earliest Beginner - Step 2 - Piano

This is the second book of the three part series which concentrates on more note reading as well as counting but at a higher level. More quavers are introduced in ths book and the student is challenged to play faster after the music has been learned at a slower pace.

Step 2 introduces the student to newer hand positions in both left and right hands as well as staccato, dotted crotchet rhythm, syncopation and more. Once again, all pages of these tutors come in vibrant colour and are accompanied by a back up track CD which also demonstrates the performance for the student in order to get the appropriate feel before playing in an ensemble.

This book is loaded with popular tunes including Polly Put the Kettle On, Largo, Lightly Row, Theme From Symphony No. 9 (Ode to Joy), Skip to My Loo, Air (Mozart), Liebestraume as well as some original works by the author which are written in international styles such as Bush Kangaroo (Australia), Merengue Cariboo (Bahamas), Chimes (Britain), The Indians Are Coming (North America) and many more. Ideal for the second level piano/keyboard student.

Copyright © 2007 National Music School, first edition - Reprinted 2013.