Earliest Beginner - Step 3 - Piano

This is the final book of the series which introduces the student to musical rudiments such as syncopation, rests, dotted rhytm, cut time, new keys, minor keys and more.

Step 3 offers the pianist/Keyboard player a more challenging repertoire of rock, South American rhythms, Country and more. The student will work on faster speeds as more complex rhythms are introduced. As with the previous two books, all pages come in vibrant colour and are all accompanied by a back up track CD which also demonstrates the performance for the student in order to get the appropriate feel before playing in an ensemble.

Step 3 is loaded with popular tunes including Eight Days A Week, I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing, Country Gardens and many more as well as other international tunes composed by the author including Rio Carnaval (Rio De Janeiro), Arabian nights (Baghdad) & Cha Cha Cha (Cuba). Ideal for the intermediate musician.

Copyright © 2007 National Music School, first edition - Reprinted 2013.